Reviews for “The Rain”

“The Rain” reviews

  • ’The Rain’ is truly a book for this hour in which we live – it is TRUTH, comfort, and a constant reminder of God’s provision for HIS people.”

F. W. Florida, USA

  • I have not read a Christian fiction book that intrigued me anymore than this one. I recommended to my congregation that they get a copy. I had to keep reminding myself that this was a fiction book based on reality.

R. J., Pastor, Kentucky

  • – reminds me of Frank Peretti’s style. ‘The Rain’ is a well-balanced, quick read book, with enough excitement and “adult” situations to keep it from being pabulum. This could become a series, very likely a film as well.”

C. B., Retired Director of Missions, Kentucky

  • “I was especially touched by God’s sorrow over the flood. I think sometimes we focus on the judgment aspect (and rightly so) but forget that He loved the people and it hurt Him to have to destroy them. Thank you for writing the book.”

D. R. Oregon, USA

  • “I happened to have read a copy of your novel which you sent to my colleague and I just had to write to tell you Thank you for writing it! I found it so inspiring; it opened my eyes to appreciate what the life of Noah and also the many other characters in the bible must have been. I got so wrapped up in the book that I wanted to see how Ham got into trouble with his father Noah and got cursed! God bless you both! May He continue to be your inspiration!”

N.E. Lagos, Nigeria

  • “I think that you did a great job of elaborating the story of Noah’s Ark. The dark aspects were very black/evil/disturbing and conversely the closeness/reliance/fellowship with God was absolutely inspiring. The human elements tied it all together. Now I want to read more about the pre-flood times… and I want to pray more.”

G. L. Manitoba, Canada

  • “Dan and Chris have taken a good story and made it come alive. The dialogue, the struggles, and the imagery make this book difficult to put down. I felt like I was living the events. I felt excitement, pain, remorse, and longing from the very first chapter. I was pleasantly surprised at some of the outcomes.
    Some of the character’s struggles really struck a nerve. I can relate to their thoughts, mistakes, and accomplishments. Reading this book will make me a better person.”

M. J. Georgia, USA

  • Each day I would look forward to reading it. I can sincerely say that I will never, and I mean never, see Noah and the story of the ark, the same way that I’ve envisioned it over the last 30 some odd years.

Teaching Children’s Church for 12+ years and telling the story of Noah’s Ark over and over, I look back and see that I never even skimmed the surface of what Noah and his family could have experienced and how God truly used them. I never would have even considered some of the tasks, conversations, situations, and experiences that might have, could have, and probably did take place throughout Noah’s life. And not just while he was in the ark or even building it, but what his life might have been like before God called on him. You guys have opened my imagination and curiosity not only to Noah, but to each and every page of the Bible. Man, you guys have just ruined my routine, I don’t think I will be able to just sit down and be a “daily Bible reader” anymore.”

M.W. Kentucky, USA

  • “I finished reading your book about a month ago and cannot get it out of my head. The images you and Chris projected in this book were so real to our lives today. I’ve ordered several for gifts this Christmas. The most exciting part of the book for me is when you equated the ARK in our lives today with JESUS! What an awesome concept! Thanks for sharing this great book with us.”

J.C. Louisiana, USA

  • “The book was terrific. I bought it and my wife finished it before I did! It was previously easy for me to think that people from biblical stories following God’s sometimes audible directives had it made. In addition to the great adventure, your book reminds us that these are real people with real temptations and human emotions, just like us. It must have been terrifying for them. Wow. I look forward to your next book.”

D.L. Michigan, USA

  • “This book is amazingly inspiring. It challenged me in so many ways and encouraged my faith by bringing me closer to the reality of Christianity. I have come to see God as a friend who always hears us and answers our petitions. The characters of Noah and Shem deeply encouraged me to know that there is always a way in God no matter how hard or difficult it looks. Thank you for this novel, for once in my life I pick up a book and keep on reading. The reality of the novel draws me closer to Christ.”

F. A. Lagos, Nigeria

  • “’The Rain – brings historical characters to life in a compelling drama that will captivate the reader from start to finish. Once you start Chapter 1 you will not want to stop until the story ends! It is a narrative that captures the emotion and humanity of revered icons from the Biblical age. For those who are fans of Bible stories – this is a must read for your library! I started reading this on Christmas Eve, and could not stop until I had finished the complete book on Christmas Day!!”

D.S. Ontario, Canada

  • “I was totally entertained by this novel. It got my imagination soaring. Forget the laundry, the dishes, the house cleaning, most everything else and yes, even the TV. I just wanted to read. This book was so well written that it put me on the ark with Noah and his family. The story of what might have occurred during those 371 days on the ark had never come to mind. It left me wanting to know more. Great job!”

D. S. Tennessee, USA

  • I am a Navy veteran who spent 4 years on a ship. The observations of the book on sea travel brought back vivid memories of water spouts, ocean storms, and the views of an endless water horizon. I assumed at least one of the authors had to be a Navy veteran to be able to write so clearly about ocean travel.”

B. J. Kentucky, USA

  • “I thought the book was incredibly done! What I really liked was how you both so vividly described people and situations, it was so detailed I felt I was right there! You do realize that you now have to go through all the exciting stories in the Bible and write novels about them as well!! We’ll all be anxiously waiting for more!! May God richly bless you and this exciting ministry you’ve embarked on!”

B. L. Manitoba, Canada

  • “’The Rain’ is an engaging story of Noah and the building of the ark as recorded in Genesis. It is a fictionalized account which wishes to remain true to the assertions of fact which are contained in the Genesis account.”

Anthony Horvath, Executive Director of Athanatos Ministries

  • I could not put the book down and read it in two days. This book makes a wonderful present for adults and reasonably mature teenagers, and I figure there is just about time to order for Christmas. (I have ordered several copies for family members)
    True to the biblical account, this superbly written novel provides an imaginative insight into the “days of Noah” (so many reflections of today’s society!) and into Noah’s family both before the rains came and when they finally had to close the door. Totally absorbing!
    …anyone who ever needs to relate the story of the Ark or talk about its spiritual significance to children or to adults will have their presentation vitalised by reading this book. This book really brings you “on board”, living almost as a member of the family alongside those who experienced the wonder of God’s remarkable deliverance.


  • This is the first nearly 300 page novel I have read in only 2 days… I could not put it down. Don’t let the familiarity of the story of Noah’s Ark keep you from purchasing this book…tells the story like no other. The author never deviates from biblical truth, but creatively tells a story of the challenges, drama, and humor that COULD have occurred on the ark. Even if you would not typically purchase a biblically based book, you are in for a real treat. You will never feel you are being “preached” to, but only that you are stepping into the life of a man who, though just as human-minded as any man, chose to obey God no matter what the circumstance.