Reviews for The Tower

“The Tower” reviews

From Amazon:

  • “Great (easy) read….every page had me right there with all the characters and I can’t wait for book 3 in the series. Written by my friend Chris Skates and I am so proud of him!”
  • “AWSOME!!! What a great sequel to The Rain. The book was very exciting from start to finish. I can’t wait for your next book!!!”
  • “Great book about early man and his interactions with God. Really makes you think about how it may have been. Exciting throughout A must read.”
  • “This book was an account of how life might have been according to the Biblical account of life after The Flood. Very entertaining and enjoyable read, yet thought provoking.”
  • “This book picks up where The Rain left off. I loved The Rain (about Noah’s Ark) and I would recommend reading it first before reading The Tower, as the main characters were developed in The Rain. The Rain takes you up to the point where Noah’s family disembarks from the ark, and The Tower picks it up from there up until the time that the Tower of Babel angered God to the point of Him striking the people with different languages so that different family groups were no longer able to communicate with each other. Very interesting take on the tower itself and what it’s purpose may have been. Highly recommended. Everyone is wanting to borrow my copies! Borrowing is okay, but after you’ve read them, you’ll want your own copies! :-)”
  • “I can’t recall many sermons or Sunday school lessons about the Tower of Babel growing up, or even as an adult for that matter. I guess I knew general knowledge about this particular event in history and that’s about it. Honestly, I haven’t had much interest in doing much research on my own, either. However, after reading this book, I have a whole new perspective on this event. I realize there were certain liberties taken in order to “fill in the gaps”, per se, but it’s evident the authors remained true to the Word of God and did not compromise any of its integrity. Still, I feel that I now understand more about what really took place because of this “man-made, man-centered” monument. Whether you’re looking for an exciting, suspenseful story-line, wanting to gain historical knowledge, or needing to strengthen your walk with God, this book should prove to be what you’re looking for.”
  • “Just like the previous book The Rain, this book kept me enthralled. Each chapter put me right there with Noah and his family…through joy, sadness, excitement, tenderness, and suspense. If you have read The Rain you should definitely continue the story with this book. If you haven’t, you should, but you will still have a great read. Great job Chris and Dan.”